The story of the hungry ones

Alrighty then, it is time to introduce ourselves! We are UTas graduates. We have been living in Hobart for around 6 years. We love Hobart, like how we love the food in Hobart! In these past six years, when we were students in UTas, we had been running and climbing (literally) around looking for the best food and coffee in town.

We realise that the process for the search was not an easy task, due to the encounters of mountains, hills, rivers, jungles, aurora, wallabies, wombats, Tassie tigers, Tassie devils, devils, demons, dragons, werewolf and, of course the worse of all, the weather in Hobart! Instead of going through this high-level adventure, only to have your tummy filled, we will do the honour for you. Yes, you heard it right. We will eat your fooooooo… ahem... we will bring the food over to you!

The service we provide aims at filling your tummy while you are enjoying Netflix, Youtube, movies, games etc. Or, perhaps, you are in the middle of something and not able to squeeze some time out for your tummy. AND WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS KIND OF TRAGEDIES TO HAPPEN. WE WILL FIND YOU, FILL YOUR STOMACH AND FIX YOUR HUNGER!


Oh! Did we just forget to mention who we are?

We are Qooka !!

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